Our big news we’ve been excited about for a while now.

All the primary schools in Northampton (and some surrounding villages) have been asked to support this new event.

If you have a child/children at a primary school in this area please help us by encouraging the school to participate (please check with the head to see if they will support us).

Money raised will go towards keeping Spencer Contact going so we can provide FREE furniture to those in need. Also if your child’s school is supporting this event they will benefit too as we have arranged for 10p out of every £1 raised by the school, to go straight back to the school to help them with their current fund raising needs. So as you can see it’s a win-win situation.

If your child’s school isn’t participating then you can get a sponsorship form from us here and still support a good cause with the total amount coming straight to Spencer Contact instead.

We have staff and friends here raising money too so it’s all worthwhile. By raising awareness of our charity we will receive more items to give to people in need. Thank you for your help.