1. There must be an adult (18 years or older) present when we make a delivery UNLESS the child is 16/17 years of age and the primary recipient of the goods. (This is to comply with the charity’s child protection policy.)


  1. Availability of items is dependent on stock levels. All items are second hand and may have signs of previous use. It is the clients’ responsibility to assemble furniture and to arrange disposal of their old furniture.


  1. We will not, under any circumstances, lift items (e.g. wardrobes) over bannisters, or do anything that would put our members of staff and/or volunteers at risk of injury or accident. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone scheduled deliveries in adverse weather conditions. (This is to comply with our Health and Safety Policy.)


  1. We require 24 hours’ notice of any cancellations or postponements of deliveries, either by email or phone. We will call you beforehand to confirm that you still require and are available for the delivery. If the delivery fails, you are still liable for the delivery charge (see point 6), though attempts will be made to contact you for redelivery.


  1. If the goods are not accepted because of their style or colour we will not supply an alternative. We cannot guarantee that the furniture delivered will fit into the clients’ premises. If, for any reason, the furniture is not accepted, or will not fit into the property, the delivery charge must still be paid (see point 6). If subsequent deliveries are required there will be a charge.


  1. The delivery charge must be paid in cash – we do not accept cheques, and are unable to take card payments. Failure to pay will mean we will no longer be able to help you, until the outstanding balance is paid in full.